What is therapy? Therapy aka psychotherapy aka talk therapy is a treatment modality that involves discussing mental or emotional concerns with a mental health provider. The idea behind it is that talking about what's bothering you can help you put things into perspective, heal, and grow.  

I don't like talking so talk therapy won't work for me, right? There are many forms of therapy that including yoga therapy and play therapy (usually used with children) that can help you reach your goals. If talk therapy isn't for you, there are other treatment modalities that you can explore. 

If talk therapy is just about talking, why pay someone when I can just talk to my friends? It is one thing to vent and confide in your support system when hardships arise in your life. It is another when there may be some concerns about mental health or emotional well-being challenges exist. Just as you would not seek help from your friends for a physical ailment, it is not advisable to seek counsel from your friends for mental health concerns. Individuals dealing with consistent feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety or processing difficult events like a transition (i.e. breakup or divorce) or death would greatly benefit from consulting a trained mental health professional. 

Who is therapy for? Therapy is for everyone! It is very likely that every individual could benefit from therapy at some point in their life. Children as young as 5 years old can attend therapy as well as older individuals. 

Where can I find a therapist? There are many ways to begin your search for a therapist, including your insurance company's provider directory or Psychology Today's Therapist Finder. For a more comprehensive and personalized tool on finding a therapist , check out my latest e-book. If you are looking for culturally-affirming therapists who also identify as people of color, check out:

How do I schedule a therapy session with you? At this time, I am not available for therapy sessions. You are free to join my waitlist.

The average price for therapy in NYC is between $150-300. Why is therapy so expensive? Therapists are highly-trained professionals. Preparation typically includes master’s degrees (and in some cases doctoral degrees), thousands of hours of supervised clinical work with clients, several licensing exams, post-graduate training programs (typically 3-4 years) and yearly continuing education for the entirety of their careers, which is usually mandated by the state boards.


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