We've all been there - a breakup, family drama, work stress, life crises, feeling "out of it." While some individuals retreat to themselves, others lean on their tribe for support.

You reach out to your girls on the group chat, schedule a dinner/happy hour/brunch to vent, nourish on good food, and drink your favorite libations. You let it all out, get loved up on by your people, and possibly feel better about whatever was weighing heavy on you. Sometimes that "thing" works itself out. And other times it doesn't, leaving you feeling the same way you felt when you sent that initial text message.

Girls Night In is a space for you and your friends to heal wounds, get yourself back to wholeness, and evolve with the guidance of a mental health professional. This time is for self-empowerment, self-compassion, vulnerability, and growth. 

Topics are set by the group and can include, but are not limited to, relationships, money, career, and overcoming trauma. Suggested group size is 4-6 and sessions are a minimum of 2 hours long. 

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