Are you an organization interested in leveraging your employee's emotional health and something something like mindfulness to produce results? 

ORganizational health

A business consultant is more of an expert you turn to for help with your business. They teach you skills you don’t know, analyze your business and create an action plan for you to implement.


happier, healthier, and more productive workplace

Invest in your team’s well-being

Mental health issues have a huge impact at work

Treatment that sticks

Help combat stigma in the workplace

Untreated mental illnesses cost employers over $100 billion annually [Source]. Talkspace allows employees to access help far faster than searching through traditional networks, allowing them to address any issues that arise before they start to significantly impact their well-being.

Many people who seek professional help for mental health issues like Depression and Anxiety fail to complete their course of treatment due to high costs, lack of support, and inaccessibility. With Talkspace, employees can easily work with their therapist to create a treatment plan that works with their availability & individual goals.

Help combat stigma at work. Many people may hide mental health issues for fear of how others–including their employers and colleagues—will react. By offering Talkspace to your team, you’re helping remove the stigma around these issues and encouraging employees to be proactive about their mental & emotional well-being.

HR and Benefits Counselors know that most Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs) and other Behavioral Health benefits are underutilized, misunderstood or ignored.

Getting started with Talkspace takes just minutes, giving your team members a simple, seamless way to seek help for their mental or emotional health concerns.

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