Workshops provide participants a deep dive into a topic through dialogue-based learning and other experiential activities. These value-based sessions can be tailored to your audience in scope and length, and can include social justice, diversity and inclusion and identity work. 

Girls Night IN

Heal with your tribe! In my signature workshop, friends come together to learn, share, and support one another, with the help of a trained mental health professional.

Friends can choose to speak about any topic they'd like. My role is to hold space and guide the group to reflection and healing through active listening, purposeful question-asking, and radical honesty.

This workshop is best suited for small groups. Participants may explore topics that may be challenging or difficult to talk about, and can expect to begin building awareness on ways to heal. Learn more here

wellness u

College is an exciting time for students, filled with opportunities for personal, academic, and social endeavors.  This time can also be filled with a great deal of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. For students who belong to marginalized communities and/or are first-generation college students, these stressors come with additional layers of challenges. 

This workshop explores the unique mental health challenges that college students of color face. Participants will also be equipped with the tools to empower themselves or a loved one(s) when facing mental health challenges.

What's culture got to do with it? women + mental health

Marianismo and the Black Superwoman Syndrome are cornerstone in Latinx and African-American cultures, respectively, and can be linked to a host of health concerns including hypertension and depression

This workshop explores these ideals, their origins, and how it comes up in every stage of a woman's life.  Participants will also learn healthy ways to negotiate staying true to their cultures while authentically caring for themselves. 


Speaking engagements, designed for larger audiences, educate and inspire participants. Motivational in nature, speaking engagements incite your audience to action and leave them with the tools to create change. I am available to speak on topics relate to mental health, social justice, and the intersection of both.


During your phone consultation, we will discuss the objectives for your event. We will also confirm my availability and discuss fees. 

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