Thank you for your interest in being connected with a therapist.

I am working on a project to get really clear on how to creatively connect two groups of people who are often seeking each other: therapists and therapy-seekers. See below for answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. Is there a fee to be matched? No. Should we decide to move to a fee-based service, participants who are part of the current beta testing phase will have access to exclusive discounts and perks.

  2. What happens after I submit my interest form?

    1. We will work to match you and a therapist, depending on availability. Note that matching is not guaranteed.

    2. You will receive an invitation to sign up for a brief phone call with Josie to deeply understand your needs and wants as a therapy-seeker; this informs our matching process.

    3. If you are matched, you will receive an email with your match’s contact information so you can schedule a conversation.

  3. Will you schedule a session or a phone call with my matched therapist? No. We believe in and honor individuals’ self-determination - the right to make choices that affect your lives. We understand that making the first phone call can be scary! Check out two strategies that may support this important step.

Part of our model uses Design Thinking to come up with creative solutions for therapy-seekers. To that end, we will ask for periodic check-ins over the phone with Josie to understand your specific needs, frustrations, and motivations, with the goal of creating solutions that work for you. We will never ask for confidential information about your therapist and/or treatment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Josie at