Thank you for your interest in the Whole+Well Collective!

Our purpose is to get really clear on how to creatively connect two groups of people who are often seeking each other: therapists and therapy-seekers. We are interested in learning how to simplify the process of finding a therapist as well as what makes for a successful therapist-client fit beyond logistical factors (i.e. fee and location).

We deeply believe that this knowledge can lead to an increase in access to mental health services and intentionally help individuals feel whole and be well. See below for answers to frequently asked questions:

1. What is the Whole+Well Collective: The Collective is a network of mental health professionals who are dedicated to their craft as clinicians and growing a thriving practice.

2. Who is a part of the Whole+Well Collective? Members of the Collective are mental health clinicians from a variety of backgrounds (i.e. social workers, mental health counselors, psychologists, etc.) who are also in the early stages of growing a private practice. Members of the Collective may also include clinicians who have been in private practice for some time and are ready to increase their client base and impact.

2. Is there a fee to be part of the Collective? No. Should we decide to move to a membership-based service, clinicians who are part of the current beta testing phase will have access to exclusive membership discounts and perks.

3. What happens after I submit my form? We will work to match you and a therapy-seeker, depending on both parties’ interest forms, beginning February 20th. Note that matching is not guaranteed, as demand for therapy services fluctuates. If you are matched, you will receive an email informing you. The therapy-seeker will receive your contact information, based on your interest form, and they will be responsible for reaching out to schedule a conversation. You do not have to do anything at this point.

Part of our model is using Design Thinking to come up with creative solutions for both therapists and therapy-seekers. To that end, we will ask for periodic check-ins over the phone with Josie to understand your specific needs, frustrations, and motivations, with the goal of creating solutions that work for you as a clinician and business owner. We will never ask for confidential information about your clients and/or treatment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Josie at info@josierosario.com